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G.C.I. consists of a multitude of International artists from locations as far apart as The Netherlands and South Africa, making the GROOVE CREW a truly international project.
he creators of the GROOVE CREW in this original formation include the writing and production crew of Lab Records (Gregg & Brad), and Mr Z (aka.'The Chief').
Amongst the three of them they have worked on numerous successful projects which include names you may know from the German and Dutch charts like 'The Judge', 'The Fireman', 'Clubbaholics', 'Vitamin T' and many many more..

This experience has been taken and blended with the vocal and performance skills of the one and only 'BO SELECTA'


BO SELECTA is the voice and personality behind GROOVE CREW INTERNATIONAL and has a truly long diverse musical background.

Unbelievably BO SELECTA is actually the brother of The Chief who we all know charted with his Sony signed project [Fireman] in Germany & Holland last year. So we can clearly see the talent runs really strong in the family!

Having worked his way through the Caribbean scene from New York to Amsterdam, BO-SELECTA has masses of experience from entertaining crowds in all corners of the globe.

BO SELECTA is not only a talented vocalist but is also a well refined performer and experienced bass player. No matter what kind of music style, BO SELECTA always knows how to give a track the extra "DANCEHALL' vibes with his unique voice.


His belief -

'universal sound' and a
'way of life!'.

ocal and performance skills of the one and only 'BO SELECTA'