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" The Past, the Present and the Future!! "

The company was founded in 1998 by Brad Grobler and Gregg Davies and was originally functional under the title of ESP- Extra Sensory Productions then based in Düsseldorf, Germany and Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Since completing the transition to Lab Records, we have developed a proud roster of highly talented young artists and an ever growing track record of vinyl, single and compilation releases in most major territories. Naturally as a result of more releases we have also had the pleasure of enjoying more time in various charts around the World.

Now based in Johannesburg, South Africa and Rotterdam, The Netherlands this dynamic production based company is proudly standing side by side, in the charts and on commercial releases, with the biggest and best dance productions the world has to offer.

We have been taking the time to nurture and grow our A&R department and with the right promotion we have now received some fine interest from singers, songwriters, producers and DJ's in many countries looking for an outlet for their music with us at Lab Records.

Our dedicated team now extends to include artists coming out of South Africa such as the diverse 'Sonic Divas', the controversial 'Noa Tylo" and the irresistible 'Sam', with the talents of "Mr Z", "Clubbaholics"and "Bo-Selecta" coming from The Netherlands.

We hope you stay with us and enjoy the ride as Lab Records reach
further into the world of dance, strengthening our team by the day,
and working to ensure our successes become much greater!

Support and Enjoy!

Stay tuned for future hits!!
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