Welcome to Lab Records (NL), great to have you with us on our website. We are a Music Production Company and Record Label with many years experience in the Music Industry. We have successfully released and liscensed our Artists, and Trakc sall over the world, andf have had our tracks remxied by the best in the business, DJ’s, Producers and Artists.

The Company was founded by Bard Grobler and Gregg Davies, with a deep friendship that was founded back in the 90’s when performing with their Live Music Band Familiar Strangers, (FM Strangers), and Later the Clubbaholics, Vitamin T, and Tribe of Two in The Netherlands and Germany. Lab Records was born to help spread music and musicians from there homeland South Africa, and connect with artists in Holland and Germany, and eventually the World. Acts Like GCI, Sonic Divas, Noa Tylo, Sam and more had great releases, and success with Lab Records.

Feel free to contact us for any questions, licensing requests, bookings (festival and Clubs), Label deals and more…., we are around, and we are very friendly!

Lab Records
Kritostraat 70
The Netherlands

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