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The Clubbaholics - Brad Grobler & Gregg Davies

The Clubbaholics are music producers, Brad Grobler & Gregg Davies.

Brad and Gregg began in a band they formed in South Africa called Familiar Strangers (FM Strangers). After performing as a duo band in the pub scene, they transformed to the Club & Dance Scene. They were very successful and with the EDM band FM Strangers performed at many festivals and toured Southern Africa, they also performed at the best and most select clubs and discos, and Festivals.

After doing the SA Music scene, it was a natural progression that Brad and Gregg packed up South African roots and moved to Europe – Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and Dusseldorf in Germany.

They started ESP Productions, and then Lab Records as a music production company & Indapendant Record Label, and the Clubbaholics were born from their love and passion for ‘Clubbing’ and ‘Music’.


Studio work became a passion, and full time music production followed as professional producers, Live Band, DJ’s and Label Owners.

Now in 2021, the best of album is coming up with the best of the old, and brand new tracks. Watch out for The Clubbaholics on a dance floor near you soon!

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