Vitamin T

Vitamin T is a Live Act, DJ project from Brad Grobler & Gregg Davies. These 2 pioneering producers noticed in 2001 that Club Music and the ‘Acid Rave’ Sound was slowly being replaced by a more melodic and smooth floating style – Trance, (and soon following, Vocal Trance).

The Lads wanted to make a new project based on Vocal Trance, and featuring vocalists and singers from around the world, current projects were very club based, so a new project was perceived.

Gregg Davies who was running the Studio Recordings & Lab Records in Johannesburg, South Africa at that time, noticed a few great singers and artists to include in this ‘new sound’. Brad Grobler was running the Lab Studio in the Netherlands, and all mixing and production was based here. We shared a server in the Netherlands for our website. So, the first ‘Remote – via internet’ Vocal Trance project was born. Vocal recordings in South Africa, and around the world, and mixing and production between The Netherlands and South Africa.

We used our website server as a means to send WAV files, HQ vocals, and LogicPro projects to each other. It was almost like being in the same studio, and mixed between South Africa and The Netherlands.
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